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A CSA Pathway Middle School

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CSA Campuses: Lincoln Campus * Fodrea Campus * Central Campus * New Tech Campus


Our mission is to prepare socially engaged citizens who excel in an information and technology rich society.


Our students will:

  • Know themselves and their talents well, identify areas for personal growth and create and identify paths that will fulfill their own destinies.

  • Learn through collaboration with family, business, and community.

  • Possess a strong sense of civic responsibility.

  • Embrace and celebrate differences and appreciate individuality.

  • Think critically and practice 21st century skills.

  • Think creatively to solve authentic, real world problems.

  • Sustain healthy, trusting relationships that support a safe learning environment.


  • Culture - We believe in learning-centered communities, in which all members are known, respected and valued,and in which differences are honored and student voice is heard. We celebrate the successes of all learners.

  • Relationships - We believe students thrive when they experience relationships with peers, staff and families that generate honest, respectful and trusting communication.

  • Experiences - We believe students learn by actively engaging in relevant, authentic and flexible project based instruction. Content for learning is immediately applicable and balanced with refl ection. Teachers guide learning in a technology-rich environment which emphasizes 21st century skills.

  • Habits of Mind - We believe school community members who practice critical thinking and socially engaged intelligence are using their minds well.

  •  Community - We believe community partnerships provide learners with a sense of responsibility, inspiring them to become immersed in the community.

  •  Accountability - We believe learners prioritize, plan and manage their work. Growth and achievement are assessed from many perspectives including performance of real tasks, self and peer critique, projects and portfolios.

  • Decisions - We believe procedural, curricular, cultural and fiscal decisions reflect the core beliefs and the voice of the people directly affected by the decisions. All educators are committed to the decision-making process and model participation in a democratic society.

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