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Philip Foiles

CSA 7th Grade Mathematics

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I am a person who loves to learn and share with others.
There is so much to learn about the world around us.
My philosophy is that your goals should always be greater than what you expect to actually achieve. DREAM BIG!

My youth was filled with so many great teachers. I wanted to be like them. When I finished my music studies at the University of Denver, I began teaching music part-time for beginning students. 
I restored musical instruments, played music in jazz clubs, theatres, orchestras, concert bands, big bands, small combos, and with touring and local musicians. I continue to record and produce music.
After traveling around the US and UK/Europe, I decided to returned to education to share my passion of learning with others.

After moving with my wife to Cleveland and Phoenix for graduate school, we relocated to Columbus in 2011. I received a Master of Education degree from Indiana University in 2016.

My son Samuel Patrick is currently in 3rd grade, and plays piano, designs new LEGO builds, and swimming. His favorite stroke is the back stroke.

Lifelong learning is an important value to me, and I hope to share that love of learning with my students!

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