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Festival of Lights

Students design and install a custom holiday display at a community site. In 2018, they designed and installed a light display at the Horizon House, a Columbus family shelter.


Lit for Life!

How can we increase literacy in the community? CSA students conduct a service-learning project, raising money, collecting books, and delivering these to area organizations, impacting students from difficult economic situations.


Rocket Launching

Students investigate mass, area, and speed while designing and building small rockets. Launching takes place outside (of course!) using a custom-built 75-psi launcher. Some rockets are able to fly for a distance of over 200 meters reaching a height of over 100 meters!


Mission: Possible!

How can I become the best student I can be? CSA middle school students become "agents" of their own adventure, beginning the school year looking at the impacts of middle school, and what they hope to achieve by the time they enter high school.

Decorated Horizon House.jpg

Social Media Impacts

How does social media use impact your life? CSA students investigate this question while presenting evidence of impact and possible solutions to this prescient issue.


Fairy Tales

CSA students use an oft-told and familiar fairy-tale to adapt to another culture. Some examples include a Cinderella story based in 15th-Century Japan.

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